1. Dr. Kwak and her colleagues from Dell Medical School received Cain Collaborative Research Pilot grant award for their study, Advancing Equities in Palliative Care: Feasibility Study of Palliative Lay Navigator & Support for Hospitalized Dementia Family Caregivers in June 2022.

2. Dr. Kwak and her colleagues from School of Nursing received Sigma/Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation End-of-Life Nursing Care Research Grant award for their study, A Dual Role: Nurses as Family Caregivers in June 2022.

3. Dr. Kwak was selected as one of ten emerging national palliative care leaders to receive a 2021 Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program award by the Cambia Health Foundation in December 2021.

4. Dr. Kwak received Research Reboot Award, University of Texas at Austin Texas, for Spring, 2022.


1. Dr. Kwak was awarded Ed and Molly Smith Centennial Fellowship in Nursing (Fall 2021- Spring 2023). School of Nursing, The University of Texas at Austin.

2. Dr. Kwak received 2021 Texas 10 Award from the Texas Exes, Alumni Association of The University of Texas at Austin, a prestigious award given by the UT-Austin’s Alumni Association (Texas Exes) to the 10 teachers who inspire their students and make their students’ college experience unforgettable.

3. Dr. Kwak was named as one of ten national 2021 Sojourns Scholar Leader.

4. Dr. Kwak received Innovation in Teaching Award (2020-2021) from The University of Texas School of Nursing.

5. Dr. Kwak was elected to the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) Office of Social Research, Policy, and Practice (SRPP) Section Vice-Chair Elect in 2022. The GSA is the oldest and largest interdisciplinary organization devoted to research, education, and practice in the field of aging. SRPP is one of four sections within the GSA and focuses on social policy issues and research relevant to social, economic, health, and long-term care policies and the related programs that affect older adults.


1. Dr. Kwak was interviewed by Elizabeth L. McQueen for What Do We Do Now? Podcast episode (August 10 th , 2021),


2. Dr. Kwak was interviewed by Sofia Sokolove for receiving the 2021 Texas Ten award for excellence in teaching for the May issue of The Alcalde, the magazine of the Texas Exes (May 2021),